A Few Notes on Music

A Few Notes on the Music by Sebastian


Sound effects in audio download – by page number in our printed book

Pg 18, 19, 20 dash of “Habanera” Carmen, Bizet 

Pg 8  a zip  of Rondo Alla Turca, Mozart

Pg 10 smidgeon of Papageno-Papagena”  Magic Flute, Mozart

Pg 11, 12 sigh of Brahms Lulllaby

Pg 13, 16, 27 a hint of Beethoven’s 5th

Pg 14,15,33,34 a swirl  of the Blue Danube, Strauss ii

Pg 15 Die FledermausMein Herr Marquis”, Strauss ii

Pg 21 “Ach ich fuhl’s” Magic Flute, Mozart                    

Pg 27, 30 Ode to Joy” Beethoven’s 9th

Pg 32 Sonata in C Major, Haydn

Pg 32 wee bit of real wide “Ah Je veux vivre” Roméo et Juliette, Gounod

Pg 34 Lullaby Love, Connell

      Composers by date of birth for music from the 16th to the 19th century   

jpeg-sammie   As Sammie Would Say – Yike-ees!

Thomas Tallis   c. 1505
George Frideric Handel 23 February 1685
Johann Sebastian Bach  21 March 1685
Franz Joseph Haydn 31 March 1732
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 27 January 1756
Ludwig van Beethoven 17 December 1770
Charles-François Gounod 17 June 1818
Johann Strauss II   25 October 1825
Johannes Brahms 7 May 1833
Georges Bizet 25 October 1838

  A Few Words on Words by Uncle Beet


Tallis Canon, Thomas Tallis*
words: Thomas Ken, circa 1674

Skye Boat Song, Scottish Traditional*
words: Sir Harold Boulton 1884

All Through the Night, Welsh Traditional
English words: Sir Harold Boulton 1884

jpeg-jo-lullabye-byeLullaby Love, Michael Connell+
+Words *Additional Words by Erin Hernden