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Updated Book – Recoloured & Sassied Up!

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Author: Erin Hernden

Ellie and SammieEllie & Sammie Churchmouse & the Sissy Seasons of Song, for ages two to ten years, stars two little church mice, Ellie and Sammie, as they come to terms with each other and a surprising love of music.  Ellie and Sammie’s musical abilities are based on the talents of soprano Kathleen Radke, and musician Michael Connell.

Kathleen and Michael grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and first performed music together at the ages of eight and five.  Their lifelong love of music began as they sang as trebles in St. Luke’s Cathedral Choir in the Sault.

The story’s characters exhibit characteristics and the assorted wisdom and humour of four generations of the author’s family.  Not to mention a cat named Carmen.

Join shy little Ellie and bold Mr. Sammie as they play, tease and trick each other and in the end, surprise themselves at what they can do – especially if they work together.   Ellie and Sammie’s ever so wise, charming and oddly familiar musical family of church mice and friends, manage to keep the sister and brother on their toes.

The colours of the four seasons are their playground, all wonderfully illustrated by the author’s husband, Don Hernden.  The four symbols representing each season’s colours were drawn by Don from the local landscape, including  one of Algoma’s most cherished wild orchids, the Pink Lady Slipper.  pink-lady-slipperThe shade and tone in the book are unique, as the drawings were coloured with 50 year old pencil crayons, originally used by Kathleen and Michael’s grandfather Harold McQuarrie to highlight large topographical maps. It is indeed a family affair.

34 pages ISBN 978-0-9917270-0-1