Ellie & Sammie Churchmouse & the Sissy Seasons of Song – The Narrated Story & Lullabies


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Now back to our story…….

Ellie and SammieInterwoven in the storytelling is a delightful mix of sound effects and music. The audio book was produced by Prince Albert Saskatchewan’s award winning musician and producer, Rich McFarlane at his Mosaic Music Studio.  Erin Hernden narrates the story providing the various voices for her endearing church mice.

Sound effects were provided by the virtuosity and inventiveness of both Rich McFarlane and Michael Connell.  Ellie’s wee mousie opera voice was sung by Kathleen Radke.  Kathleen may be one of the few people in the world who can sing as an opera mouse so expressively and with such conviction!  The trio’s collective talents combined for a lively and entertaining recorded story.

As the story unfolds, Ellie’s wide voice may be heard as soprano Kathleen Radke sings lullabies including an original, Lullaby Love composed by Michael Connell.  Other lullabies include the exquisite 16th century Tallis Canon; the traditional Welsh masterpiece, All Through the Night and the equally cherished Scottish Skye Boat Song.  Extra lullaby words are contributed by the author.

In addition to storytelling, the written book and audio version are meant to introduce children to the beauty of the four seasons of Northern Ontario with seasonal colours and music providing the palette.

All tracks have been professionally recorded.
Tracks 1 – 7 include the introduction and Chapters 1 to 6.
Track 8 – Lullaby Love by Michael Connell
Track 9 – Skye Boat Song, Traditional Scottish
Track 10 – Tallis Canon, Thomas Tallis (1561)
Track 11- All Through the Night, Traditional Welsh

Listen to Chapter 3 – “Autumn”


Listen to a Lullaby – Skye Boat Song, Traditional Scottish

11 Audio Tracks ISBN 978-0-9917270-1-8