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Ellie Churchmouse Reports on Upcoming Works written and illustrated by Erin Hernden.


In autumn 2021, Sault Ste. Marie author, Erin Hernden, releases Volume 2 Wish to Believe, in print, audio and e-book versions, for children and young people.

When released, all versions will be available for purchase on this website,

Hernden believes these stories to be entertaining for adults as well.  They are multi-purpose stories for reading, listening, and performing.  Younger children, who need help reading, will enjoy having these stories read to them, or listening to the audio books, as the colourful characters appear on each page.

In Toad Omnipotent, we meet twenty-eight characters from Northern Ontario’s forests, swamps, and lakes.  They are simultaneously wise, silly, amusing, and steadfast.  The cast of characters, in ten different tales, includes Toad Omnipotent, Versifier and Culpability Jones, Grammie Girl Squirrel, Little Grandma Willahue, Pitchify Pine, Winnifred Owl,  and The Unpleasant Pheasant.  Little Grandma Willahue is Toad Omnipotent’s Barometer Bear.

This Glorious Girl is based on Lucy Maud Montgomery’s classic, Anne of Green Gables.  The author explains how she thinks of  Anne in the following words.  “In spite of the pages Anne’s story is written on, Anne Shirley is not just a girl in a story.  Her courage and her imagination transcends literature.  This girl, with carrot-coloured hair, freckles and pig tails akimbo, teaches us to think and contemplate and wonder, as only a kindred spirit can.”  This Glorious Girl, when presented in a full theatrical production, offers speaking roles for some thirteen cast members and is written to easily accommodate more children in the cast.  It is ideal for class and school drama programs.

Puppets and Poetry features Courage was There and Easily Had, the Secret to it All was Just to be Glad – a narrative poem based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice, written for narration, and presented under black light.  Alice and the Mad Hatter and their cohort of colourful characters say their lines as they illustrate the poem.  Characters are black light puppets and live actors.

Next, we have a puppet tale Rapunzel – A Fairly Funky Fairy Story starring a human Rapunzel and a cast of Very Village Puppets – including King Lahdidah, Queen Loverly, and an ever so evil, Evil Enchantress.  The scariest villains in the story?  The Baker’s Bad Babies.   The author closes with a Christmas narrative poem for narration and tableaux, It Was All Slightly Odd.  In this poem, the heavenly host are startled by celestial laughter and reflection at the joy of children and little angels celebrating the Nativity.

Toad Omnipotent was written by the author this spring, and the other stories/poems/plays in the past decade.

These works can be read as storybooks by individual children; acted out for fun in a child’s home and produced as full plays by classrooms or school theatre groups.  Free, eye-popping background slides for Toad Omnipotent are available to schools from the author.

The audio versions delight with enchanting music woven throughout, while reading the e-books, or as standalone audio books.  These unique recordings, e-books and printed books are all recorded, published, produced and printed in Canada.

The complete package of audio books includes over fifty voices which are all performed by Hernden.  The most difficult voices?  According to the author – a warty, funny, compassionate, bossy toad named Toad Omnipotent and a Royal Whispering White Pine named Versifier Jones.

The e-book version uses lush, bright backgrounds based on pictures she has taken over the years of the fauna, flora, and lakes of Northern Ontario.  Please see to order audio and ebooks for all for stories and print copy of the entire one hundred and twenty-seven-page volume.

When you buy the entire volume of e-book and audio books, you will receive a complimentary copy of the author’s first book, Ellie and Sammie Churchmouse and the Sissy Seasons of Song, All Sassied Up in e-book and audio formats.  The audio book for Ellie and Sammie includes lullabies sung by 2020  Juno-award recipient soprano soloist, Kathleen Radke.  Ms. Radke is also the voice of the Outstandingly Beautiful Sound sung by Rapunzel in our puppet fairy story with Charles Gounod’s Je Veux Vivre, Romeo and Juliette.  Handel’s Let the Bright Seraphim weaves with words at the beginning of Puppets and Poetry.  Lullabies, Je Veux Vivre and Let the Bright Seraphim were recorded by Ms. Radke’s in 2012.  Kathleen is soprano soloist on the Ottawa Bach Choir’s highly acclaimed 2020 Juno winning album Dixit Dominus, Lisette Canton Conductor.

November 2021:

In November of this year.  Hernden re-releases Volume 1 featuring three plays – Lucy Didn’t Lie, Another Son of Adam and A Land Sung Alive based on C.S. Lewis’ Narnia stories.  Originally offered in 2020, the three book audio package features over 60 different characters, again all voiced by the author with delightful music and sound effects. The most difficult voices?   All the animals.  Not to mention a swamp creature known as a Marsh-wiggle.  Audio offer features complimentary e-book copies to match the audio of each play.  The print copy was released in 2018.

is proud to present these stories for children and others who wish to believe.

Erin Hernden, Author and Illustrator

Hernden’s Book Prepped for World-wide Sale

Published on January 8, 2017

Bringing text to life

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Published on November 09, 2016

Ontario children’s writer journeys to Prince Albert to record first audiobook

In 2011 Erin Hernden travelled to Prince Albert to visit family, take in the sights and record her first audiobook.


Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-based writer Erin Hernden (left) recorded her first audiobook, Ellie and Sammie Churchmouse and the Sissy Seasons of Song, in Prince Albert five years ago. It is now available on her website. Her husband Don (right) provided illustrations.

The Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.-based writer had been working on her children’s book, Ellie and Sammie Churchmouse and the Sissy Seasons of Song, on-and-off for the past seven years, with her husband Don contributing illustrations. Once the story was finished, Hernden recorded herself reading the book, thought to herself, “This reads well,” and decided to enlist the help of some musical family members to bring the text to life. This month the final product was finally made available on Hernden’s website,

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Bringing Text To Life

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